Green Office – Sustainability in the Workplace

Whether your workplace is on the company’s premises or in your own home, it should be set up so that it’s more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Insights-X 2022 in October saw the unveiling of some "green" products for the modern office of today.


Environmental protection – more than just a trendy topic

Since 2017, Metzger & Mendle has been offering its "La Natura" series of products, which has been awarded the "Blue Angel" certification. It consists of 100% recycled consumer goods such as electrical and household appliances. They are processed in a way that is climate-neutral and the CO2 emitted is 90% lower than when producing plastics from petroleum. The series is constantly being enhanced and expanded; the range of colours, for example, has been doubled from five to ten, so that there are now both strong and pastel shades. The range comprises trays, standing files, drawer boxes, pencil holders and much more – all "Made in Germany". 




I was once a refrigerator

The hole punches and staplers in the "re+new" series from Novus not only work efficiently and are durable, but they are also produced in an environmentally friendly way using recycled plastic. This series also has staplers and punches that can handle larger quantities of paper at the same time. With its modern all black design, these office aids fit in with any office decor. The recyclate supplier is certified according to the EU standard "EuCertPlast", which ensures that post-consumer waste (e.g. refrigerators) is processed in line with environmental requirements and other applicable standards. At the end of the product’s life, all components can be separated according to the type of material they are made of so that they can be returned to the recycling loop. 




Sustainable communication

Recycled paper is increasingly being used for business letters, which is why envelopes should also be produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. The white paper of ELCO "Proclima" envelopes is visually indistinguishable from offset paper, but is made of 100% FSC-certified waste paper. The crystal-clear window film is made from renewable raw materials and degrades completely in industrial composting plants. What's more, only water-soluble glues and water-based inks are used for the printing inside. The energy used to produce the envelopes comes largely from biogenic fuels and from the thermal recycling of residues, which significantly slashes CO2 emissions.   

Eco-friendly notes

You can jot down your notes with a clear conscience on the "Nature Notes" from Global Notes , because they have the Blue Angel certification. They are made of 100% recycled paper and are "Made in Germany". The handy little notelets are easy to detach from the pad. They can be stuck to paper and various other surfaces, removed without leaving any residue and re-attached if need be. The water-based and solvent-free adhesive is exclusively produced in-house and continuously tested in the laboratory. The range includes sticky notes and sticky markers in classic yellow and soft pastel colours. The blocks are attractively packaged in recycled material.  





Steps towards a circular economy

On the one hand, plastic is increasingly becoming a huge problem for the environment and, on the other, there’s a shortage of resources. Seventy per cent of all Edding markers and pens can be refilled up to 15 times, thus extending their product life. When they’ve had their day, however, they are too good to throw away, as they are made of valuable resources that can be recycled. Edding supplies companies, public authorities and educational institutions with "take-back boxes", in which empty disposable products and refillable markers, including those of other brands, can be collected. Together with a company specialising in plastic recycling, more than 70% of the plastic can be recovered from the contents of the boxes, which is then used, among other things, to produce new "EcoLine markers".

Sustainability on the desktop is becoming increasingly important. This starts with consumables such as paper, envelopes and pens and extends to equipment including office aids.


About the author

Gabriela Kaiser has been the owner of a trend agency since 2002, after working 6 years as designer for knitwear. She visits trade fairs as a trend scout and gives lectures there. She advises companies from industry and trade on upcoming trends and writes regularly for various trade magazines.

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