Fair Calculator: quantify your potential gains from Insights-X!

What can a trade fair do for us? All companies grapple with cost-benefit ratios when making marketing plans for the year ahead. Insights-X is now offering a new tool that helps companies figure out the benefits of participating in 2019. By using with the Fair Calculator, they can identify the potential and costs of participating in the Insights-X stationery expo. There are three parts to the Fair Calculator.

1. Estimate the potential

What are our trade fair goals? The goals the company is hoping to achieve by participating in the trade fair are crucial to estimating the potential. Therefore, both qualitative and quantitative goals can be entered in the Fair Calculator. The values are determined based on the expected number of trade fair visitors. The level of increased awareness is indicated using the cost per thousand contacts metric, for example. The Fair Calculator developed by 8 Some Sales GmbH for Insights-X even goes a step further that other such calculators. It also shows the added value of participation in the form of possible contacts which can be reached at the stationery expo in Nuremberg. The completion rate is calculated using the company’s own estimated average sales per completed transaction. These two components reveal the potential on offer from participating in the trade fair.

2. Calculate the budget

How much will it cost to take part in the trade fair? In the budget section of the Fair Calculator, a rough cost overview is used to calculate how much interested companies would need to budget for their participation. There are various subcategories within this section for inputting the floor space, including stand size and type, stand construction costs and more. Additional services such as power and water supplies, stand cleaning and staff and travel expenses can also be entered. Companies then get a good overview of what their participation would actually cost.

3. Analyse the results

Is it worth our time and money to take part in the trade fair? In the Result section, the potential and costs are compared. The results illustrate where it may be possible to tweak the budget to meet expectations.

If the results are negative, the costs may need adjusting. If the results are positive, perhaps it is worth considering putting some resources into PR and marketing. The Fair Calculator is available free of charge for anyone wishing to use it. If users register, they receive a clear overview of their specific fair calculation.

Try the free Fair Calculator for Insights-X 2019 now!

For further registration information, please visit the conditions and application sections for new exhibitors and returning exhibitors.

Fair Calculator