Colour trends for Christmas 2019

From all the infinite number of possibilities and styles, three style worlds in particular are crystallizing for this year's Christmas season: green and natural, elegant rust or copper tones and the traditional red-green combination are currently dominating the design of Christmas decorations and cards.

Green – the naturally beautiful world of Christmas

The first trend for Christmas 2019 focuses on the calm staging of puristically neutral tones in combination with the colour green. Oriented towards nature, this colour world draws on the full spectrum which green offers. Light green tones such as powder green, lime green, green tea or sage come up against delicate bright white, natural white, off-white or ivory to create stylish combinations. Darker shades such as olive, pine, racing green and moss green can also be used to good effect. Using complementary shades of the same colour is just as effective as using a mix of different colours.

This goes for the materials used, too. Deliberately choosing the same kind of surface means that people's attention is drawn more to the differences in colour. Mixing different materials, though, puts more emphasis on the themes. Embossed structures in the paper – such as linen or deckle edges – can be picked up with material accessories such as ribbons and bags. Porcelain, glass and metal produce refined, festive touches. In this trend, natural elements made of wood, stone or twigs and flowers are a must. The forms determine whether the theme of Christmas is interpreted in a traditional or more up-to-date manner and both are perfectly possible with this trend. Those who like it quiet and natural will certainly feel very much at home with this Christmas trend in 2019.

Rust and copper tones – a refined Christmas ambience

This Christmas trend is all about warmth and glamour. A classic style is interpreted in a modern way. The colour spectrum ranges from soft to loud. Delicate rosé tones and subtle apricot nestle against more robust shades of copper and rust.

The colours cover everything that the nude and blush palettes have to offer: soft pink, old pink, rosé gold, cameo rose, peach, dusty pink, sand, taupe, almond and pale mango. Gold or brown tones blend in wonderfully with the copper-coloured accent colours and powdery shades.

If you want things to be a lot more glitzy, you can choose from a wealth of metallic-effect elements that can be combined so that you end up with even more sheen and lustre. The use of velvet, felt, wood and structured materials engenders a feeling of cosiness or 'hygge'. Christmas spices such as cinnamon and star anise round off the arrangements.  This trend world radiates elegance and, at the same time, creates a feel-good atmosphere on account of its palette of warm colours. It’s one that appeals to all the senses.

Red and green – traditional colours in DIY garb

This traditional Christmas trend tugs at your heartstrings. People still enjoy receiving something handmade, so this trend sees countless design techniques such as stamping, punching and handlettering being paired up with the traditional Christmas colours.

Brick red, crimson, carmine red, fir green, pistachio, forest green and billiard green are the colours of choice here. Supplemented with white, these powerful classic Christmas colours shine even more intensely. Warm and fired tones – such as Kraft paper brown or walnut – give everything a rustic touch. Calligraphy or prints with white ink endow dark papers with a special charm. Stamp motifs or Christmas stickers with traditional symbols such as snowflakes, sleds, fir trees and stars are available. Those who cannot create their own unique articles do not have to forego these stylistic elements. There is appealing material in digitally prepared form, too, which can be used to good effect.

With coarse fabrics, ceramics, wood and stone, the natural world and crafting combine to create an atmospheric, lively composition. The haptics can sometimes be somewhat brittle and cracked surfaces and a slight hint of ageing can underline the rustic look. Anyone looking for captivating simplicity with festive accents will definitely find what they are looking for in this Christmas trend.

The current trends relating to Christmas 2019 promise us a feast for all the senses. The choice of colours and style elements is enormous and leaves a lot of room for creativity and individual taste, so that Christmas ultimately becomes a special event for each and every one of us.

About the author:

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