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Trade fairs have long been used as important networking platforms by bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagramers – and that's also the case with Insights-X. The expo gives influencers unique insights and enables them to make international contacts in the paper, office supplies and stationery industry. Below is a small selection of German blogger posts relating to Insights-X. We've summed up their contents in English for you. Or you can watch Mako's English-language Insights-X post on the YouTube channel Makoccino, where she uploads videos on art & creativity every week.

Goldener Strich ("Golden Line")

Leoni's Pfeiffer's blog called Goldener Strich ("Golden Line") is all about illustration and drawing. Since 2012, the media designer has been regularly presenting new products from the art industry and has also been letting her readers get involved in her manifold DIY projects. She describes her impressions of the paper, office supplies and stationery expo in her blog post New Things at Insights-X.

Christian Petersen is totally taken with classy pens, brilliant inks and beautiful paper. He is a real fan of writing by hand. In his blog called, Petersen not only talks about new pens, fountain pens and inks, but also passes on to his readers useful knowledge about paper and writing utensils. On his blog, he has posted his personal Review of Insights-X.

Gelbkariert ("Yellow Checks")

Kirsten Albers loves being creative and sharing her ideas with others. That's what the author of several handlettering books does in her blog called Gelbkariert ("Yellow Checks"), where she gives her readers helpful tips and tricks relating to the artistic design of letters. Besides that, the artist provides numerous inspirations for handlettering and DIY projects that you yourself could carry out. In her blog, she reports on her Visit to Insights-X Visit to Insights-X berichtet.


In his ZoomLab blog, Markus Rödder writes about various topics relating to the areas of lifestyle and photography as well as paper, office supplies and stationery. One section is dedicated to writing instruments and paper. That's where Rödder blogs about newly published pads and notebooks and presents the latest fountain pens, pens and pencils of well-known brands. He reports on all the things he saw at the Nuremberg-based paper, office supplies and stationery expo in his post called Insights-X 2018 – it was lovely.

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