Back-to-school – some last-minute tips

The month of August at the latest sees the stationery sector enjoying probably its highest turnover time of the year. From specialist retailers to discounters, they all advertise good deals on school supplies. With the right preparation and some creative ideas, the back-to-school season can provide the perfect opportunity for stationery retailers to stand out from the competition.

Creative impulses for DIY school supplies

By June, back-to-school articles have long been on order and so retailers should also have at least a rough idea of how to present them. A lot of retailers then make use of the calm before the storm in June and July to work out how they should design their POS. Those not wishing to offer a run-of-the-mill display can stand out here with the use of a few creative impulses.

Using school hacks as a source of ideas

The Internet is a good source of DIY ideas. With a few key words such as “do it yourself”, “back to school” or “school hacks”, you can find plenty of inspiration on search engines and social media. Recreated and displayed in the shop, such ideas offer customers ideas and are the perfect hook for your sales pitch.

3 tricks from the Internet that can easily be visualised

  1. Exercise books and notebooks can be covered with, for example, coloured cardboard and can then be personalised with stickers, washi tapes and the user’s own doodles.
  2. The easiest way to learn vocabulary is to use an index card system in which the cards pass through a multi-level system and words are repeated and internalised several times. Some manufacturers already offer suitable box systems and learning aids for precisely this purpose.
  3. Facts that are hard to remember when learning can be written down on sticky notes and stuck to key points in your room or home. This means that you, the learner, have the material in front of your eyes and can so memorize it better.

These and other ideas and examples can be found in, for example, the following YouTube posts.


Good ideas as advertising media

Back-to-school is the time when stationery retailers can make a big impact. Displays of school products can be perfectly complemented with just a few simple ideas and inspirations. And every idea that a school-age customer puts into practice will accompany them throughout their entire school year. This allows retailers to burn themselves into their young customers’ memory – and so gain some loyal and regular customers for their stationery shop. Anyone who comes across to pupils as creative can also start the playground rumour of where to go: “You’ve got to the ABC stationer’s –they’ve got some really good ideas.”

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