Back to school for small and grown climate activists

The Fridays for Future movement has seen many kids take to the streets to demonstrate for a liveable, sustainable environment. The Covid-19 pandemic had shifted our focus for a while. But after the severe floods this year in Germany following heavy rain, the climate crisis came to the top of our minds again – and with it the call for a sustainable way of life with eco-friendly products.

Recycle, repurpose, reuse

KUM’s Green Line produces rulers and pencil sharpeners made of so-called PCR – post-consumer recycled material. This is repurposed plastic from household or commercial waste where the greatest share stems from packaging. Instead of disposing of an old product at a landfill, in the ocean, or at a waste incineration plant where it would produce even more CO², a new product is made. 

Recycling plastic waste and PET bottles

To protect the environment, Deuter is launching two ecologically sustainable school satchels in summer 2022 named Cotogy and Scula. The principal material is made 100 per cent from recycled PET bottles and even the remaining parts are produced by preserving both the environment and resources. Thanks to its well-designed inside, school booklets and personal items have plenty of space in the functional rucksacks. The proven back-friendly carrying comfort does not suffer, while good visibility is guaranteed thanks to reflectors. While Cotogy and its robust, functional design should appeal to sportive kids, Scula and its urban retro look is for those aiming to use the satchel even outside of school, when out and about with friends.


In the fight against plastic waste, neoxx has been cooperating with Plastic Free Planet since January 2021. For each Active school satchel sold, 1 kilogramme of plastic waste is removed from the ocean and recycled. Since its market launch in 2019, the inner lining of all neoxx products has been made 100 per cent from recycled PET bottles. For 2022, neoxx showcases four new school satchel styles, plus a roll-top rucksack as a new model called Vibe. The stylish rucksack is a functional and practical companion for teens and is made from water-repellent material fitted with zippers.

Protecting native animals

Pagna and its novel Save me by Pagna Native Animals series aims to draw attention to the protection of the large variety of native animals and combines this with eco-friendly materials. Hedgehog, fox, and owl are printed in watercolours onto light grey recycled material which underlines a natural character. The untreated paper responds naturally to impact from the elements such as sunlight or humidity. Plastic lamination to protect against soiling or repel the elements is deliberately dispensed with as the pro-environment idea and simple recycling of these products are the focal point. The assortment comprises elastic folders, binders, spiral-bound notepads and more.

For environmentally conscious animal lovers


To care for the environment means to bring reusable containers and bottles to school. The lunch set by Lässig also allows children to show that they are animal lovers. A lion and a fox, as pretty printed designs, embellish a robust drinking water bottle made from Tritan as well as a two-part sandwich box with a removable bowl. The products are easy to close even by children, sturdy, and dishwasher-proof.

Saving plastic waste, removing it from the oceans, recycling it and preserving natural resources – this is all very important to our children.

About the author:

Gabriela Kaiser has been the owner of a trend agency since 2002, after working 6 years as designer for knitwear. She visits trade fairs as a trend scout and gives lectures there. She advises companies from industry and trade on upcoming trends and writes regularly for various trade magazines.

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