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Be it YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, the Internet is full of creative DIYs. Stationery retailers use social media channels as sources of inspiration to get to know new creative techniques and products. Because when a customer is helplessly lost in a store’s vast assortment of products, then competence and expertise are key. In those situations, retailers prefer to recommend products they can demonstrate and are personally impressed by. This raises the question to the manufacturer: How can I impress specialised retailers with my products?

Because of this, Insights-X is all about participation – this year as well. The hands-on activities which in the past years had been staged in the InsightsArena in the Nuremberg exhibition centre will be organised in the form of online live events under the name "Atelier goes Online".

Workshops as online live events 

Workshops are now more popular than ever, especially in times of corona. The reason being that participants have the chance to get to know products and techniques while also being inspired by new DIY ideas. For specialist retailers, the live workshops have three benefits:

  1. Buyers have the chance to get to know the products and learn more about their quality before integrating them into their product assortment.
  2. Participants learn how to demonstrate the products to end customers and how to perfectly present them in their store.
  3. Retailers get inspired by workshop ideas they can offer in their store.

These benefits in turn help manufacturers as professional advice from the sales staff and a perfect presentation of a product are sure to raise sales figures.

During Insights-X Online, suppliers can offer a 30-minute-long workshop as an online live event to create small works of art with their participants and demonstrate how their products work. As the events take place in real-time, it is possible to directly answer any questions which may arise and respond to any individual requests from the participants. Each supplier can decide for themselves if they want to have a creative employee carry out the workshop or if they prefer hiring an artist.

Live presentations

This year, suppliers have the chance to hold an online live presentation for the very first time. These are especially useful to present a company’s novel products and give an insight into its portfolio. Participants will receive an extensive overview of the new products each company is bringing to the market, which features those products have and why it would make sense to consider certain products in their product selection. Since the product presentations also take place in real-time, direct interaction between the supplier and their audience is ensured.

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With the premium package, you have the opportunity to hold a 30-minute-long live workshop or presentation during the live event of Insights-X Online from 14 to 16 October 2020.

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