Analogue greetings on trend - an interview with ABC

ABC Kunst- und Glückwunschkartenverlag (ABC Art and Greeting Card Publishing) has been producing high-quality products in Switzerland since 1905. With its approximately 150 employees, it is one of the market leaders in the specialized trade of German-speaking Europe. Christoph Stucki, Art Director has been working for ABC Greeting Card Publishing for over 20 years and has since then always designed our versatile art and greeting cards with his team. As part of our White Celebrations theme month, he tells us more about the ABC company and its sustainable endeavors. 

ABC has been making greeting cards for over 100 years. How do analog products like greeting cards survive in an increasingly digital world?

C.S.: A great value of greeting cards is precisely the analog. Compared to digital products, it seems more authentic and expresses great appreciation. The emotional value seems greater and more valuable.

What are the current trends in the greeting card business?

C.S.: Generally speaking, illustrations, graphics and handlettering are more popular right now than photographic motifs, and sustainable production is certainly also playing an increasingly important role in the purchase decision. However, it seems to me that a wide variety of motifs tailored to a diverse audience is more important than reacting to short-lived trends.

Where does the inspiration for new collections come from?

C.S.: All life experiences from private life or work lead to new inspirations. Certainly, market analyses and the Internet also play a decisive role.

The topic of sustainability is close to your company's heart. How do you implement these values in your production and products?

C.S.: For us, sustainability is primarily an issue of on-site production. In addition to short transport routes, we can secure jobs and thus ensure that the purchasing power for greeting cards remains in the country. Other factors such as FSC certification, grass paper and cello-free packaging also play an important role. In addition, ABC pays attention to resource-oriented production, uses a low-energy printing press, avoids overproduction and waste, and even produces part of its electricity requirements with its own solar power system.

In addition to sustainability, ABC also focuses on social commitment. You are currently using donations from the Pippi Longstocking greeting card collection to support Save the Children projects for girls that are fleeing from their home. How did you come up with the idea for this great campaign?

C.S.: ABC has always been socially committed. Examples of this are our own kindergarten, the founding of a residence for people suffering from dementia, or by offering program places to reintegrate people into the job market. 

What are you most looking forward to when the orange carpets are rolled out again in October 2022?

C.S: To the visit and participation and many interesting contacts and conversations.

Thank you very much for the interview, Christoph Stucki!

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