5 tips for inviting visitors to Insights-X Online

Insights-X Online launches on 14 October 2020 as the new platform for the stationery sector. It will create a place for interaction between suppliers and retailers. Every exhibitor can make a significant contribution to its success by clearly communicating to the trade audience what they offer.

Tip 1) Take your time, as fair time is conversation time: “We are here for you”

Insights-X Online offers a platform for direct communication. Exhibitors need to take their time in order to ensure good contact to their customers. Visitors will only want to schedule a relevant amount of their time if they know that companies are fully available to them for discussions. Which is why exhibitors should announce what they are planning. To do so, they can now enter into the event calendar the time slots they will be making available for 1:1 meetings with the trade audience during the Online Live Event from 14 to 16 October. Visitors will be able to book these appointments starting 15 September.

Tip 2) Make the invitation personal: “We are looking forward to meeting you”

An online platform should preferably not be an impersonal event in which participants are left alone to click their way through the online offers. There are numerous possibilities for exhibitors to prevent this from happening. That can be done with a personalised greeting to customers and prospects in the digital invitation to the online platform, live presentations or 1:1 meetings via video chat. Direct links to company entries in the Insights-X Online exhibitor A-Z will be available from 1 October. And to make sure the appointment makes its way into the recipient’s calendar, it is worthwhile to integrate a calendar invitation for Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook.

Tip 3) Drumroll on all channels: “We will be there!”            

To make sure that invitations to the event do not get lost under a stack of papers on a full desk, it makes sense to widely spread reminders for Insights-X Online to customers and prospects.

E-mail: In addition to e-mail invitations via a customer mailing list, invitations can also be sent with daily correspondence via an e-mail signature or with a link to a landing page.

Website: Exhibitors can show in which ways they will be participating in Insights-X Online at a glance on their website or a separate landing page. 

Online banner & QR code: To make it more visually appealing, an option is to add an online banner to e-mails or a QR code to print media. Both of these are provided by the Insights-X Online team to download for free.

Business networks: The event announcement is registered in the business networks LinkedIn and Xing. Participants can share the event with just one click.

Social media: Insights-X Online is a good way to generate content for the social media presence of a company. This can be done by creating a dedicated online campaign, setting up an event in Facebook or simply sharing posts by the Insights-X channels via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The hashtags for all things Insights-X Online are #InsightsXOnline #welovestationery.

Companies that include their employees in the process of distributing invitations increase their reach many times over. Employees can be shown how to be proactive with the help of a dedicated guideline.

Tip 4) Countdown to 14 October: “Insights-X Online starts today!”

Sending a reminder e-mail with a direct link on the day before or when the online platform launches will ensure that many interested customers visit Insights-X Online. Participants who have registered for appointments announced via the Online Live Event Calendar will receive a reminder shortly before the appointed time. Whoever would like to reach customers that have not yet registered can take matters into their own hands by sending reminder e-mails, opening up a large potential audience.

Tip 5) Making full use of the potential Insights-X Online offers: “Thank you for visiting”

To make sure establishing contacts during Insights-X Online is followed by revenue, the staff responsible for fair participation should plan enough time for the follow-up procedure. A prepared thank you e-mail and preferably a tailored offer for customers and potential customers should be sent out promptly. Exhibitors should follow up with the contacts they made via e-mail or telephone either on the day they met or at the latest when the Online Live Event ends on 16 October 2020.

You will find these tips and more concerning customer invitation & communication in the Insights-X Online checklist. 


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