3 Questions to lightning sketcher Dao Ngoc Mai

Artists create very special customer experiences. As is the case with lightning sketcher Dao Ngoc Mai, who uses her doodle drawings to lovingly create postcards. With her miniature portraits, the graphic designer was a real magnet for trade visitors at the Insights-X stand at the Spielwarenmesse®.

We asked the artist 3 questions to find out how retailers can make use of such events to promote their own business.

1. You were a real visitor magnet at Spielwarenmesse. Why do you think that was the case?

People love it when you make them feel that they're something special. And every single person is special. That’s why a drawing is a beautiful dedication and a unique gift, which I give to the visitors to remind them of the overall experience.

2. A lot of people were curious about you and your talent. Do you think that retailers could make use of this curiosity to lure customers into their shop by organising such an event?

Oh, absolutely! Often, passers-by automatically stop as soon as they see something being demonstrated or shown. That's why I think it's important for retailers to first make products attractive to the customer and arouse their interest in what awaits them in the shop. Demonstrations are good, but trying out your product with or on the customer is a lot more effective. If the customer is actively involved in the campaign, the retailer can make a lasting impression on the people taking part.

3. And what's in it for the retailer?

Making a lasting impression really does have a very strong impact. If customers fondly like to recall something, then there’s a greater likelihood that they will return with an order, which potentially could result in some form of collaboration.

Retailer tip

Basically, the following applies: you have to get yourself noticed. Get your customers actively involved and create fond memories. Whether you book artists like Dao Ngoc Mai  or even offer workshops, the choice is limitless.

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