3 questions to hand-lettering artist Moira Schweiger

Moira Schweiger has been passionate about letters since she studied communication design. She founded moira styles in 2010 and now works with her own clients and agencies on all kinds of communication and design projects. Moira Schweiger has also pursued an interest in hand lettering since then, which was still completely unheard of in Germany at the time.

Insights-X: Graphic designer, store owner and workshop moderator, how did this combination come about?

Moira Schweiger: I realised a big dream of mine in October 2016 when I opened my little ‘hello honey’ store and studio in Nuremberg city centre. This is my creative place for beautiful stationery, greeting cards and, especially, letters. So many customers enquired about hand-lettering workshops in the early weeks of opening that I ended up holding my first workshops earlier than planned – in spring 2017 already. I was the first to do so in the Nuremberg region. That’s how it all began, and it’s taken off incredibly. More people, including well-known writers, have also found me through Instagram. By updating my Facebook and Instagram accounts regularly, it’s really easy for me to reach my target group and showcase my latest work.

Why would you recommend to retailers that they hold activities at the point of sale? And what should they bear in mind when doing so?

M. S.: I know from experience that lots of people want to try hand lettering but aren’t sure about which materials they should use or how to get started. Activities at the point of sale are perfect for this and also boost sales. When holding such activities, retailers should especially make sure that they have pens and the right paper in stock. The paper can get overlooked, unfortunately, but it is almost as important as good pens.

Where do you get your inspiration for new designs and workshops? 

M. S.: When coming up with ideas for new designs, I start with small, rough sketches where I let my imagination run wild. I then use these to develop more specific ideas and drawings, which I discuss with the client if necessary or implement directly.

I use the feedback I get from workshop participants and customers in my store and studio to devise new workshop themes. Besides hand-lettering and also brush-lettering workshops for beginners, I also offer advanced hand-lettering workshops on modern calligraphy – writing with a fountain pen. My iPad lettering crash course is a brand-new addition. 

Thank you for the interview, Moira Schweiger. 

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