3 questions to Götz Stamm, Managing Director of SIGEL GmbH

Götz Stamm: We claim to produce high-quality products and solutions that offer significant added value for our customers. This can only work if there is a perfect symbiosis of three elements: design, functionality and quality. Which is why our SIGEL brand stands for precisely these three aspects.

Excellence and innovation have been part of our DNA for more than 70 years and will continue to be so in the future. They demonstrate our consistent focus on customer needs and the will to credibly implement the best solution in each case.

As you already made clear in your question, the more than 50 awards we have received in the last 10 years show that good design is our strength! And this is why SIGEL will continue to compete regularly with other branded companies in international competitions, and will let an independent jury decide on our outstanding design and innovative approaches.

Sustainability is one of SIGEL's basic principles. How do you integrate this issue into your business processes?

G. S.: The issue of sustainability is very topical at the moment, but everyone interprets it somewhat differently. From our point of view, sustainability has an ecological, economic, but also a social dimension. That is why we at SIGEL deal with the concept of sustainability in a very conscientious and careful manner and have already implemented concrete measures at a very early stage to become a company that operates on a sustainable basis. In 2002, for example, we initiated certification according to the FSC standard. We have thus received accreditation from an international non-profit organisation that sets standards in the certification of sustainable forestry. Certification in line with the PEFC standard took place in 2012. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management worldwide. We have maintained both certifications until today. The underlying sales of certified material account for more than 30% of our company's turnover.

Taking a sustainable approach is, therefore, also reflected in our quality management system and processes. We are successively establishing further elements towards making ourselves a sustainable company along the value chain and regularly evaluate our own business processes. At the same time, we are pushing forward our development of sustainable products and solutions for our customers.

SIGEL is part of Insights-X Online. What is it about the digital platform that you find so attractive and what will your participation look like?

G. S.: We at SIGEL seize the opportunities arising from change to create innovative, digital solutions and implement them successfully on the market. The Insights-X Online format offers us the best possible platform to establish interesting contacts for promising forms of cooperation and partnerships.

At this year’s expo, we are going to focus strongly on our eProcurement solution Smartpro. We will, therefore, be devoting two virtual presentations to the topic of process digitalisation for procuring print and advertising materials. Participants can experience our eProcurement solution Smartpro at first hand. In an active dialogue, interested parties will be able to learn how they can improve and simplify their procurement processes for print and advertising materials. They will save process costs and time in the long term, because Smartpro guarantees optimal efficiency through smart processes in purchasing, production, and logistics management.

Thank you very much for this interview, Mr Stamm.

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From a family business to a premium brand and solutions provider – SIGEL has successfully mastered this transformation. As a committed source of inspiration, SIGEL has been helping to shape the trends of tomorrow since 1947. With pluck, faith and a sense of responsibility, the company develops intelligent and well-designed products and solutions for agile working environments. Götz Stamm has been Managing Director of SIGEL GmbH since 1 April 2020. He focuses his efforts on realigning SIGEL in keeping with a clearly customer-oriented and, at the same time, profitable growth strategy. In this interview, he gives us some insights into the company and reveals how SIGEL will be represented at Insights-X Online.

SIGEL received multiple design awards in 2020. Congratulations! Why does product design play such an important role for SIGEL?