3 questions to Andreas Kaiser, Groupe Hamelin

Groupe Hamelin has a leading position in the stationey market, is market leader in the production of school and office supplies and is part of Insights-X Online, the new digital meeting place for the paper, office supplies and stationery industry. 

With a mission of equipping end-users with the best materials for learning, studying and working, the company accepts every challenge and uses innovative methods such as design thinking to meet and exceed customer requirements. Above all, the quality of the products plays an important role, because for the company, quality is not just an option, but the measure of all things. How Groupe Hamelin faces the challenges of the future and finds innovative solutions, which often redefine the market’s standard, tells us Andreas Kaiser, Marketing Director. 

Sustainability plays an important role for Hamelin, how do you integrate this topic into business processes?

Andreas Kaiser: Groupe Hamelin has been facing these challenges throughout Europe for years. As a family business we take responsibility and attach great importance to long-term objectives instead of short-term results. That is why we develop high-quality products, set new standards and optimize our ecological footprint in every phase of the product life cycle. Groupe Hamelin is a pioneer in certification with the EU Ecolabel. As early as 2014, OXFORD was the first and so far only brand in Europe to receive the EU Ecolabel for processed paper products. The purchase of materials from sustainable forestry (PEFC™ or FSC®) is a basic prerequisite for us. In addition, we have always attached top priority to the reuse of materials. Therefore, numerous products from Hamelin bear the Blue Angel.

The progress of digitisation is proceeding and its importance became clear, especially during the lockdown. How do you face the age of digitisation?

A. K.: Some time ago we developed the Scribzee app, which is compatible with OXFORD notebooks, college blocks, flip-chart pads and the "Spot Notes" range of sticky notes. The patented corner marks on the pages of Oxford products are recognized by the app and the pages are scanned optimally.  The digitised notes can be stored, organised and sent. With this app we build a bridge between the analogue and the digital world. The Scribzee app was often used by students during the Corona crisis for the transmission of homework to teachers, which made us very happy.

Hamelin has registered for the Insights-X Online. Why are you convinced of the digital platform and in what form will you participate?

A. K.: Since this year's Insights-X was correctly cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation, it was clear to us quite quickly that we would participate in the digital platform. Whether offline or online, Insights-X has developed into one of the most important trade fairs in the stationery industry. We have already booked the Premiun package and are currently working out a concept on how we can perfectly present our products and innovations to our customers and interested parties in a digital way. So I don't want to reveal too much here yet.

Thank you very much for the interview, Mr Kaiser.

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