10 things you should do as a trade visitor at a fair

Are you going to a fair as a trade visitor and want to get the most out of your visit? We have put together a few tips for you.

1) Set a goal for your trade fair visit


Before you plan your trade fair visit, set yourself a goal that you want to achieve. Would you like to make new contacts? Discover new products? Maintain your existing business contacts? Or are you simply looking for inspiration? If you have a goal, you can plan your visit to the halls more systematically and also measure the success of your visit more accurately.

2) Inform yourself in advance


Have you set yourself a goal for your trade fair visit? Great! Then you can prepare properly. Before you go, have a look at the organiser's website. This is where you will find all the important information for your visit to the fair. What are the opening times? How do I get a ticket? What's the best way to travel? Who is there? Are there any special areas I would like to visit? What does the framework programme have to offer? A lot of trade fair organisers also provide information brochures, etc. that can be downloaded directly.

Tip: Download the Insights-X app so that you always have all the information you need at your fingertips.

3) Book accommodation in good time


In Nuremberg and the surrounding area there are plenty of hotels and accommodation, but especially during trade fairs they are quickly booked out. So it's a good idea to plan your trip well in advance. Inexpensive hotels and private rooms are also available during the fair. With the wide range of accommodation, there's something to meet all needs and budgets.

4) Take advantage of the advance ticket sales


Have you booked your hotel and transport? Then all you need is your admission ticket. You surely don't want to stand in a queue at the till when you arrive at the fair? Just buy a ticket in advance. Tickets are usually available directly from the trade fair organiser. Purchase and postage are easy to organise online. The added advantage is that you can use your ticket in advance on local public transport, and you can get started as soon as you arrive at the exhibition grounds. Your ticket to Insights-X is a season ticket, valid for all three fair days.

5) Plan your trip


There are lots of ways to get to Nuremberg - either by car, plane or train. If you're arriving by plane, you will find excellent connections to and from Nuremberg airport. The railways also have a lot of special offers. You can get from Hamburg to Nuremberg for as little as EUR 29.95. With the Deutsche Bahn event ticket you can travel to and from the fair for a very low price. Have you already bought your admission ticket in advance? Then you can also use it directly as an underground rail ticket. You can travel from the the main railway station directly to the exhibition grounds on the underground. The "Messe" (Trade fair) station is directly opposite the (central) entrance Mitte. If you're arriving by car, there are connections to the exhibition grounds from all surrounding motorways and plenty of car parks nearby.

6) Arrange appointments with your business partners


A trade fair is the perfect place to maintain business contacts. But "time is money" as people always say. That's why it makes sense to arrange appointments with your business partners before the trade fair. Then you and your partner can plan the course of the trade fair day in advance. Put the dates in a calendar and make sure you take it with you to the fair. But be careful. Don't set your appointments too close together. Plan generously so that the trade fair visit doesn't turn into stress. At Insights-X the distances are all very short and the framework events are very relaxed so there shouldn't be any time pressure.

Extra tip: Schedule the most important meetings in the morning.

7) Make a note of the contents of the meetings


After the fair, you don’t want to forget what the exhibitors showed you and what plans you made. Take notes of the meetings, the products presented and write down any promises made. This is a great help when following up a trade fair visit.

Don't forget to write down the contact details of everyone you talk to. Then, if you have any questions, you can quickly and easily pick up on your trade fair meeting without having to go through the laborious process of being connected to the right person.

8) Take a break


Naturally, you want to see as much as possible and have as many meetings as possible during your visit to the fair. But this can also be quite strenuous. So plan in enough breaks for snacks and the chance to rest your legs. With its short walking distances and only 6 product groups over 26,500 sq.m., Insights-X is a compact order platform. But you still feel that you can't see everything? Then stay a day longer and get more out of the fair.

9) Take enough business cards with you


A trade fair is a great platform for making new contacts. So take enough business cards with you. Make use of every opportunity to approach people directly. All the exhibitors are at the fair to present their products so they will make every effort to gain your interest and attention. A lot of trade fairs also offer a framework programme so that you can meet exhibitors away from the trade fair stand. At Insights-X, for example, you can mingle with new business partners at the "AfterHour" party in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying some delicious snacks.

10) Have a look at the city


Allow some time to do some sightseeing in the city. As you're in Nuremberg anyway, you really should take the opportunity to see and experience more of the city. There are also a lot of great restaurants and bars to discover. Think of your visit to Insights-X as a useful part of a short city break and treat yourself to a few hours of free time before you leave.

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